Cambridge Slimline Frame Beds

Cambridge Slimline Frame Bed: Elevate Your Dog's Crate Comfort

Welcome to the realm of the Cambridge Slimline Frame Bed, where canine comfort meets crate compatibility in a seamless fusion of design and functionality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bed boasts an innovative chew-proof aluminium frame that not only ensures lasting durability but also adds a touch of modern elegance.

Designed to effortlessly fit snugly into a variety of wire crate models, the Cambridge Slimline Frame Bed takes your dog's comfort to new heights. Its short legs offer optimal headroom, while the slim profile frame maximises the sleep area, prioritising your furry friend's relaxation.

The robust aluminium frame, complemented by heavy-duty materials, guarantees unwavering strength and longevity. With a weight capacity of up to 175 lbs, it caters to a diverse range of canine sizes.

Experience ease with the bed's crate-friendly design, crafted for integration without the crate's pan. However, please ensure that your crate's inner dimensions align with the outer dimensions of the bed for a seamless fit.

Reimagine crate time with a touch of tranquillity. By lifting your dog above cold, hard surfaces, the Cambridge Slimline Frame Bed offers orthopaedic support and joint relief. The slim frame design optimises the sleep area, granting your four-legged companion the ultimate in comfort!

Constructed from resilient aluminium and heavy-duty vinyl, this bed sets new standards for durability. Rest assured with a comprehensive one-year chew-proof warranty, safeguarding both your investment and your dog's well-being.

The Cambridge Slimline Frame Bed – where design, comfort, and crate harmony unite.

Please note: Our full range of Kuranda beds can bed fitted in to most crates crates, but for your dog's maximum comfort, the legs of the bed would need to be our 3” legs rather than the standard 5” or 7” long legs supplied with the bed.  Shorter legs can be supplied separately. 

Crate training is best done when your dog is still a puppy. 

  • One Year Chew Proof Warranty

Should your dog manage to impair any aspect of the frame or fabric to the extent that it becomes unusable, we will dispatch replacement parts at no cost. Please note that cosmetic damage does not fall within the scope of the warranty. See our Returns Policy for details.

Cambridge Slimline Bed Medium - Grey

Cambridge Slimline Bed Medium - Grey

Kuranda Cambridge Slimline Bed - Grey

Size = Medium 84cm x 56cm x 15.5cm



Cambridge Slimline Bed Large - Grey

Cambridge Slimline Bed Large - Grey

Kuranda Cambridge Slimline Bed - Grey

Size = Large 97cm x 61cm x 15.5cm



Cambridge Slimline Bed X-Large - Grey

Cambridge Slimline Bed X-Large - Grey

Cambridge Slimline Bed - Grey

Size = X-Large 107cm x 66cm x 15.5cm


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