About Us

Welcome to Kuranda – a unique manufacturing company established in 1987 and nestled in the heart of Annapolis, Maryland. Our mission revolves around enhancing the lives of our beloved furry companions through our specialised expertise in crafting exceptional dog beds. In fact, 75% of our endeavours are dedicated to the creation and distribution of top-notch dog beds.

The origin of our name, Kuranda, is a tale woven with threads of Australian inspiration. Cast your mind to the charming town of Kuranda, Australia, where our journey began. In the late 1980s, we embarked on manufacturing a circular dog bed, an innovation that hailed from Down Under. While it was indeed an exceptional creation, the intricacies of production and shipping costs led us to explore new avenues. In 1995, the curtain fell on the circular bed as we ushered in a new era with the launch of our iconic Rectangular Dog Bed, affectionately known as the RDB, which rapidly won the hearts of pets and their owners alike.

Our evolutionary path continued as we unveiled the poly resin bed in 1998, followed by the introduction of the aluminium version of the poly resin bed in 2003. The year 2010 marked a monumental stride with the introduction of our all-aluminium bed range, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality.

Across the Atlantic, here in the UK, AW Solutions are the steadfast partner for Kuranda USA, serving as the primary distributor of Kuranda Dog Beds in the UK and Ireland since 2004. Our partnership has thrived, uniting our shared vision of providing exceptional comfort for dogs across the pond.

At Kuranda, we firmly believe that every dog, without exception, deserves a haven of comfort and tranquillity. Our elevated designs are more than just beds; they are sources of joint relief and happiness. For dogs with allergies, our beds bring solace, with no stuffing to harbour allergens. And for those enthusiastic bed destroyers, our beds offer a haven of slumber. We're driven by the belief that Kuranda Beds can truly transform a dog's quality of life, and we're passionate about delivering this comfort to every four-legged friend out there.

Join us on this journey of crafting not just dog beds, but pieces of comfort, health, and happiness for the beloved companions who brighten our lives.