We have received the new Kuranda bed and new corner pieces and legs for Rhys’ bed – thank you so much. Steve has just built the new bed and the dogs couldn’t get on there quick enough! So I can safely say they are happy with their new bed. Thank you again for sending me the corner pieces for my old Kuranda bed and for looking after me, all very much appreciated. Well, that is my babes settled for Christmas, that is their special present early from Santa – laugh. As soon as they settle down I will send you a photo of them on there so you can see how happy they are. Thank you so much again.

Yvonne, Rhys, Tara, George and little Neo

I purchased these beds some years ago and they are the best dog beds I have ever bought. They are easy to clean and have lasted much longer than any other bed I have purchased. I have bred and owned Bullmastiffs for the past 25 years and have spent a fortune on other beds which have been chewed and had to be thrown away because they hold dog smels. This does not apply to these beds which as they say are " The Chew Proof Dog Bed". I have the medium and large sizes and two of my fully grown bull mastiffs can curl up together on either size. Brilliant beds - none to beat them.


I just wanted to let you know how happy our dogs are with their sleeping platforms.They were an instant hit as soon as we put them in the kennels and really stood up to excitable useage! We have dogs of all shapes and sizes and they all love them and are so much better than the traditional plastic dog beds we were using.

To see the difference in the dogs is so rewarding and we are so pleased that we found your product and have been able to purchase one for all our dogs, thanks for your help.

The sleeping platforms were really easy to assemble and we had them up and ready in no time (and we are all girls!). We cannot praise the product enough and would recommend them to anyone. Please find attached a picture of one of our rescue dogs Jed enjoying his new bed. He is going to his new home on Saturday!

Susie - RSPCA Manchester & Salford

Jed on Kuranda dog bed

I have written you before about how much my two labs love their Kuranda bed, and how sturdy it seems to be. Just wanted to let you know that there are now THREE labs, and I have seen all three of them on the bed at the same time (probably over 225 lbs. of labs), with seemingly no ill effects on the bed. Thank you again, for a wonderful bed that is still going strong!!!

Ruth Millard

I just had to let you know what a miracle your bed has been to us. We have a Doberman who is almost a year and a half. We ordered the bed for his first birthday thinking we'd be rid of it the very next day like all the rest of the beds we'd bought. We lost count somewhere after bed 5....or was it 6... I don't really know but as soon as we'd bring it thru the door he'd destroy it in seconds...no matter what it was made of. Even other "chew proof" beds. Never took him more than a day to destroy a bed..not even as a teeny puppy. We felt terrible having him sleep on the floor when he loves to curl up and be cuddly and warm but every time we'd put something down for him he'd eat it! He didn't just maul things to death... he actually ate them as well...even w/bitter apple or that hot pepper spray stuff.. whatever, he'd eat it. I didn't want to jump the gun in saying how wonderful this bed is untill we'd lived w/it for a while and now we have and it's the BEST!!! He has never even attempted to eat it...I guess because there's nothing he can really get to so he's never tried.. I don't know and I don't care. It's still in perfect shape and he sleeps like a little angel on it every day and night. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Jennifer (Jen), Shamong NJ