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How are the beds chew proof?

Any place the fabric is in a position to be chewed, it is protected by a poly-resin sleeve. There are no corner gaps to bite. Once in a while a dog will bite through a leg or side piece but it is quite rare. This image shows how the fabric fits into the frame of the bed so your dog cannot reach the fabric. Caution: Fabrics are vulnerable to tearing by persistently scratching or digging dogs.

Chew proof

Are fabrics and parts replaceable?

Absolutely! Fabrics are replaceable as are all parts including frame members, corners, and legs; even screws & nuts are available.


Our standard, the blue 40oz Solid Vinyl fabric is robust and durable, it is thick and has a smooth, very easy to clean surface however it doesn't breathe and will hold water if rained on.

Can dogs dig through the fabric?

A determined digger or scratcher can eventually make a hole if he or she works on one spot. For diggers we recommend 40 oz vinyl but please be aware even this exceptionally durable fabric can be scratched through.

What if my dog just doesn't like the bed?

Provided it is in new condition (no scratches or scuffs on the frame), a bed may be returned within 30 days of purchase. However, there is a £15.00 fabric charge as we cannot reuse a fabric no matter how little it was used.

How high off the ground are the beds?

Small, Medium and Large beds are about six inches off the floor, the X-Large and XX-Large beds are about eight inches.

Which bed is best?

It all depends on the dog. The all aluminum is our strongest and most durable, but most around the home dogs will be fine on the poly beds. For boarding kennels and animal shelters we recommend the poly resin or all aluminum framed beds. The Cambridge range of slimline aluminium beds are less expensive than the robust all aluminium bed and are considered as a good utility bed.

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